Hi, my name is ERIC, and I would like to introduce you to LASAGNA gardThe edible lasagnaening.(Some people spell it LASAGNE gardening), so please excuse me if I refer to it as an A on the end or an E. (Gosh it sounds complicated already…. wrong!)

Before you go any further I understand what you are thinking ” I always cook my lasagna in a bowl/pot/tray”, and no(!!) I am not going to suggest you cook your lasagna in the garden.

There are similarities between lasagna pasta and lasagna gardening, for as you lay out your ingredients of pasta, tomatoes, onions, meat, and sauces etc., in layers so to with advice, help, and tips, (through lasagna gardening) you will be able to layer your garden (just like your lasagna), perhaps even growing the ingredients for your cooked lasagna, (no!! not the meat, pasta, or cheese) such as tomatoes, onions, and herbs, or even the fruit for desert.

SLasagna or layering by mother natureome people say that Lasagna gardening is a new idea and non traditional, but mother nature has been doing it for centuries, (and it is ORGANIC) by putting down layers of leaves, fruits, nuts and so on, hence you have the effect of Lasagna gardening (or the layering of different materials) which act as mulch and goodness to the ground.

Having now indicated to you the simplicity of Lasagna gardening, you are able to understand that all you are doing is putting down layers of materials, such as fruit peelings, grass cuttings, leaves and so on, that will decompose/mulch and subsequently add goodness to the lasagna part of the garden.

This system of Lasagna gardening is to save you on digging or tilling, to removeTomatoes are a little sweeter the aches and strains, there are yet more things to add on your lasagna garden, like ashes, not the lumpy bits of coal or coke, the best ashes to add are the remnants of wood fires, even the unburnt charred bits are ideal in the layering of lasagna gardening, or even wet newspaper or cardboard. (If you add wet newspaper or cardboard you are effectively cutting off the supply of sun which is a must for the [perishing] perennial weeds giving you the immediate answer that lasagna gardening will save you time and back ache). Always use items that will degrade or hold moisture for you, so your layers of lasagna gardening build up to save you an immense amount of work, it is also very important to realise that this system is not only organic but very ECO friendly, both toward the ground, plants organisms in the soil, also it will show the saving on bending (for digging, weed removal etc.) an added bonus for those of us with advancing years.

A good suggestion came my way from “Barbs” on a gardening forum, concerning the question of too much veggie material and the lack of brown materials such as leaves etc., the answer being :- add Lasagna gardening helps onions grow largershredded paper, which not only “draws” the moisture but will retain the dampness allowing the break down of material and paper, similarly if you produce sawdust, this is another material that holds water and degrades a period of time.

Although at first reading the pages of lasagna gardening it may appear to apply to only a few types of plants, but this idea would be completely wrong, for the application of lasagna gardening applies to most plants ( I say most as there are some plants that rely on thier roots being able to draw moisture from the air) whether it be fruit, vegetables, flowers and so on, together with plants in containers or planters, in plotsChildren love digging in the darden however small, on the other hand if you are about to make a raised garden or border, fill the area you are making with organic materials as described and you will find benefits, of not having to stretch or reach over or bend the back.

If you are telling or showing your children all about lasagna gardening give them these tips to show the simplicity of the layering in lasagna gardening how it helps with saving of time by less watering, and weeding.

ThoCarrots are only one of many plants that can benefitugh you may want to turn over the soil ( for the thought of things rotting may not look good) I promised, lasagna gardening does not have to be back aching, so if you are not happy to see the various peelings on the garden add a further layer of grass cuttings or leaves and your lasagna garden retains some colour.

Lasagna gardening comprises topics on various plants from, how to when to, and, in some cases “even why”.

Have you ever stopped to try and count all the varieAdd A layer or two to potted plantsties of any particular plant? ( no not the technical or “foreign” named ones), let’s take apple trees for an example; I can see you starting to count them out already, but have you included all those types which include; eating, cooking, standards, espaliers? Now you are starting to get the picture. This also applies to many other types of plants, whether they are flowers.vegetables, or friut, to name just a few.

However, I don’t want mathematical geniuses; all I really want to do is interest you in lasagna gardening so you will have enjoyment and satisfaction.

You should also put out of your mind that lasagna gardening is “a back aching job”,for I have included a section to encourage children. Try asking your child or children if they would be interested, and I think you may be pleasantlHow seeds germinatey surprised. perhaps as a child your teacher showed you, with a glass jar, a piece of blotting paper, and a pea/bean how nature works with a little help from yourself, by adding a little water, and care. If you take this as an example of Lasagna gardening by there being some paper and water, then expanding on this knowledge, you merely apply layers to your garden ( which break down) instead of having to dig down you only have to build up!
Through my pages of (lasagna) gardening for you I hope to give you some of the insight to looking after, preparing, and reWood chips laid on the top will save moistureaping your rewards, from seeds, bulbs and plants that will enhance or brighten you garden.

In my garden of flowers, I was suffering the constant threat of having to remove weeds, so I decided to put a layer of wood chips, (just as you would in lasagna gardening ) on the top of the soil, the first thing to strike you is how clean the borders look, but on closer inspection (after a few days) you can see that the wood chips have retained the early morning dew, then months later I realised that apart from adding a few seedlings and plants, I had no reason to remove weeds, as they were no longer present or giving me any problems.

Azaleas like all plants reap the layering system Although I had removed all the weeds before covering with the bark, a few weeds appeared, probably remnants of seeds in the soil or the odd one or two that are washed through the wood chips, but I do admit to not having to water as much or weed as much. (which is what I wanted to indicate in lasagna gardening). One word of advice, do not be tempted to put down a thin layer as the birds will scratch around and expose the bare soil, do as you would with layering your lasagna garden, by putting down a thick layer.Maybe old, but stiil working

I can also advise you in Lasagna gardening, that there will not be the technical “jargon” to confuse you, as the whole idea is for you to have fun and profit from your labours in the garden.

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