Lasagna Gardening

I began writing about LASAGNA GARDENING (which is an ORGANIC method of gardening) due to my small interest in Robins are always lookink for the “fruits” of gardeninggardening, hoping that I could pass on ideas and tips to the inexperienced gardener,or slightly experienced gardener. I quickly learned from enquiries, that people did not know or understand the term “lasagna gardening”, (like the meal you cook,it means the layering of soil, compost or mulch etc.).

However the more research and writing I did the the more the informAll types of flowers can be grown with the lasagna methodation became, ( I think the word “exciting”, is not the right one) enthusiastic, one thing leads to another, and you will see the various pages with a little humour on them (see my pages on haricot beans and send me a comment) in my attempt to make lasagna gardening a light hearted and different way to look at gardening, with the idea of you being able to carry out the chores in an easier manner, anMany types and shapes of plants are available from hoticultural/garden centres near you.d have plants and trees to enhance your garden or yard, and to leave you with a little more leisure and enjoy your rewards

Help was forthcoming from growers, horticulturalists and garden centres, consequently their help proved invaluable, so you will see through my pages of gardening for you, there are descriptions of plants and trees,(with pictures to help where possible) together with grass, mulch and so on, and you will find navigation simple by either clicking on the bottom (which only carries the main headings)of the page or to the left sided menu, which includes all the sub categories.

Ever heard of Johnny Apple seed? A story well worth looking at, asYour labours can produce many fruit and vegetables at little cost. well as an inspiration to us all, this and many many more stories are included.

Whilst I have yet to include a terrific amount of plants, vegetables and fruits you are left with an open invitation to make suggestions i.e. descriptions and photos, ( even if it includes family under trees or collecting plants etc.) for inclusion on the gardening for you pages, and I am happy to credit the descriptionUseful tools for gardenings with your name and country, as your help may further assist other readers.

Another item I shall add at a later date is tools, I have a few tools that I am assessing (from manufacturers and suppliers) and should further tools be sent, I shall after trying them adHenhance the garden nd reap the rewardsvise you of my adventures.

I leave you to browse with this thought in mind, if you enhace your garden (for enjoyment, produce or just to generally improve), you enhance the value of your property.

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