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Organic Gardening Supplies: How To Find The Right Suppliers

A good source of organic garden supplies is vital if you want to protect your garden from pests and disease. Whether you are working on flower borders, a vegetable patch, or a rock garden, you will want somewhere that you can go and be sure of finding the products that you need in an organic form.


You may be lucky and have a nearby garden supplies store that stocks many organic products. If you need something such as organic pesticides, you could call around all your local garden stores to see which of them have what you are looking for. You may find one that has several choices, and that is the best place to go. If they stock different brands that are all organic they are likely to be specialists.

If you find a great store like that, take a good look around when you arrive. They may have many organic garden products that you have not encountered before, that could be useful either now or in the future. If there is a question on your mind about your garden right now, try talking to the store owner or staff about it. You will be able to assess whether they are very knowledgeable about organic gardening. If they are, you have truly found a great resource.

Most people, however, will not be so fortunate. Many towns and even cities do not have a wide choice of organic gardening supplies. When you ask in the regular garden supply stores you may just find one or two packs of an old product pushed into a corner. You could have to travel around many different locations to find all that you need, and this is a big waste of time and gasoline. In this situation it is better to go online.

Online shopping these days is very quick, reliable and safe. There is no reason not to order your supplies online if you cannot find what you want close to your home. With a few minutes searching on the internet you can find a supplier who will have all that you need.


Bookmark the site so that you can find it again whenever you want it. Then you can fill up your online shopping cart on their website and submit your order in just a few minutes. Within days, the delivery truck will arrive with all that you have bought as a gift to your beautiful garden.


You can still use this method even if you do not have good internet access at home and do not want to use your credit card on a public computer. Just go the public library, internet cafe or another place where you can get online. Search for a couple of good suppliers and ask them to send you catalogs. You can either email them right from their website, or write down their phone number and call them when you are home. Some suppliers may even have a form on their website where you just enter your name and address to receive a free catalog.

When the catalogs arrive you can have a lot of fun browsing through them with a cup of coffee, planning out all that you can do with their products in your garden. Then go ahead and order whatever organic gardening supplies you want by phone, just as you would do with any mail order company.

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