Choosing Healthy Plans

When you are choosing what plants you want to buy for your garden, a checklist of questions can be helpful in determining whether you are getting a healthy product.

1. Are the plants you’re looking at from an established garden center? If so, they will be less likely to have diseases or parasites that could spread to other plants in your garden.


However, since anyone can overlook a problem, there is still the possibility that the garden center plant may need inspected further before parting with your money.

2. Is the appearance of the plant good? Is it green and thriving? The first thing you need to do is simply observe the obvious. Plants often show any signs of distress or disease in external ways. So if a plant doesn’t look healthy, generally it isn’t.


3. What is the condition of the plants leaves, stems and roots? You should also look at the condition of the soil that the plant is growing in, as this will have had a huge effect on it’s health. The soil should be dark and moist.

4. If the plant is one that blooms, has it budded yet? If you are buying flowering plants it is always best to buy the ones that have not yet bloomed, as they will withstand the trauma of transport and transplanting better than those that already have flowers.

If there is no alternative but to buy plants that are already in flower, some professional gardeners suggest that you remove the flowers to give the plant a better chance of survival. Though this is difficult to do since we all enjoy things in bloom, you will likely have a better plant that will be more productive in the future, if you do so.


5. Is there anything about the plant that concerns you? If there is anything on the plant that does not seem abundantly healthy, seek advice or look elsewhere to purchase it. Wilted leaves, extemely dry soil and such things can sometimes have a simple remedy. But other times they are an indication of serious disease in the plant.

If you are careful to select healthy and productive plants, you will enjoy their growing process for many months to come.

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